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RISK WARNING: Your capital is at risk. The risks include: the lack of liquidity in this market in terms of being able to realise investments and the loss of the value of investment. When you invest any loss in value will not be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
Please read FULL risk warning.

Hieta Technologies Limited

Using innovative 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes, along with patented, cutting edge designs, Hieta creates game-changing engineering.

CAUTION: This project has not been approved as a financial promotion. No investment decisions about the project should be made on the basis of information provided on this platform.



HiETA Technologies Limited is a product design, development and production company exploiting the new technology of Additive Manufacturing (AM). Selective Laser Melting process is used to “grow” components from layers of very fine powders. The higher level of 3D design freedom provided by the approach allows HiETA to deploy complex geometries, such as lattice structures, and to integrate multiple functions into single units creating more compact and efficient components than conventional manufacturing. From its new Technology Centre in Bristol and Bath Science Park, HiETA is pioneering the use of high performance metals, polymers and composite materials. The rapidly growing team of experienced, qualified engineers design, test, prototype and manufacture high performance components. HiETA’s designs for thermal management and weight reduction aim to meet the increasing demand for the smaller, lighter, and m

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Deal Manager
Jake Ronay

  • Sector: Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Region: UK: South-West
  • Stage: Growth - profitable
  • Eligible Tax: Unsure
  • Min Investment:
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